Integrated Golf Performance was established and developed by Tate Van Houten, PT, DPT and Kris Van Houten, PT, DPT.  Over the past seven years Tate and Kris have studied the biomechanics of the golf swing and have integrated their expertise in strength, conditioning, injury prevention, and rehabilitation with techniques developed at the Postural Restoration Institute by Ron Hruska, MPA, PT, to develop an approach to golf performance that they believe is unmatched.

Through a comprehensive physical and video evaluation, biomechanical flaws, postural patterns, and physical restrictions in making a proper golf swing are identified.  Once identified, these restrictions can be corrected through manual techniques, stretches, and postural restoration techniques to allow golfers to be able to physically make a proper golf swing.  We then team with a golf instructor to correct the golf swing using this new found motion.  This approach allows the golf instructor to truly address swing faults instead of building a swing around their student’s physical restrictions.  Having a swing without physical restrictions will allow golfers of all levels to have a more consistent, repeatable swing that will lead to improved performance on the course.